You By You

Branding and Positioning, Digital, Trade Strategy, Image Production, Fashion Content, Retail.


Write your Own History

The new YOU BY YOU signature is an encouragement for all women to create their own version, their own history. The slogan was used in materials and clothing, disseminating the new message of the brand. 

2016 Summer Campaign

Vestem’s new positioning campaign launch explores the diversity of sports, of daily life and the beauty of different women. 


Powerful Casting of Digital Influencers

We selected influencers and celebrities to star our brand’s new positioning launch campaign that brings different profiles, celebrating the diversity of beauty of different women.

Production of a Catalogue and Sales Lookbook

We joined the strength of our campaign concept and the sales power of the lookbook in an imposing material that will help us boost our sales. 


Essential Line

We created the idea of an essential line that brings basic and timeless fashion at special prices. A collection that is renewed every season and that helps boosting sales, brings pieces that never go out of fashion.