Brand Communication and Female Empowerment - Part 2

18 | de 2017

In the first part of our debate on gender equality, we showed several examples of companies that have changed their communication to embrace women's empowerment. But one question remained:

How is it possible to work this cause throughout the brand universe? In particular, what the markets already focused on women, like fashion, can do?

Listening is a good place to start, as exemplified by our work in fashion intelligence and communication. We conduct behavioral studies, tune in to global trends, open online channels of direct relationship... We do everything to align the positioning of our clients with real female aspirations.

Of the many fashion cases developed here at TM4, we’ll reveal now the transformation of the dialogue between the public and Vestem. (We already talked a little bit about the brand in the Thaila Ayala post.)

Today, Vestem is a fitness brand conscious that there is not a particular body model to follow. What indeed exists is the ideal based in each woman. This truth inspired a more comprehensive look in the brand’s campaigns and guided the creation of the You By You movement. Launched in 2014, it translates the power of every woman to define herself.






Vestem accompanies the various environments in which modern women transit. It serves all biotypes, sports and activities, transitioning from day to night. You By You then express women’s independence and recognize their strength to always achieve the best form.

This concept guides all communication: POS, catalogs and lookbooks, fashion guides, and content for social networks. Thus, we build a true, powerful and inspiring relationship between the brand universe and the public. Just like they want it!

It is very interesting to follow closely this evolution in the market and to be ahead of the debate with a positioning that reflects the brand’s essence. If gender equality is used as an empty argument, without any real purpose, there will be no identification with the public.

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